Photo Archiving for Nerds

Finally, a book that tells you everything you need to know about setting up a photo archiving workflow that's easy to use while reliably protecting your photos for decades into the future.

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Table of Contents

  1. On Archiving Photos

    A quick intro on my motivation for writing this book.

  2. About the Author

    My background in researching long term digital media preservation.

  3. Terminology

    An overview of the terminology related to archiving photos. Things like EXIF, remote backups, bit rot, etc.

  4. Goals

    A clear explanation of what you'll have accomplished after reading this book. TL;DR it's a bullet proof photo archiving system that's easy and elegant to use.

  5. Taking Inventory

    Everyone's photo collection starts with the thousands of photos you already have. This chapter helps you consolodate it all into one place.

  6. Photo Metadata

    More than just EXIF, this chapter goes into great detail how to extract and preserve all the information within your photos.

  7. Storing Photos

    Backups which require work...don't work. I'll show you how to set up a system that will continuously backup all of your photos in several geographically distributed locations without any effort on your part.

  8. Organizing Photos

    Your photo archive will be meticulously organized, deduplicated and preserved.

  9. Enjoying and Sharing Photos

    A photo archive does you no good if you can't enjoy and share them. This is my favorite chapter where I show you how to bring your archive to life.

  10. A Workflow

    Getting old photos and future photos into your archive needs to be effortless for any archiving system to work. You won't believe how easy I've made it.

  11. Automating It All

    The gift that keeps on giving. The final step is to automate the entire process so you can do better things with your time.